Sand on a Distant Star / by Brent Eickhoff


August 1819, 2018

Written by Stan Lai
Translated from Chinese by Stan Lai with assistance by Tian Hongyi
Directed by Helen Young

Featuring: Cheryl Hamada, Joseph Foronda, Kroydell Galima, Rose Le Tran, Richard Manera, Peter Sipla, and Jennifer Midori Vance

Nightingale’s husband has been missing for nearly two decades. She’s convinced that he was abducted by aliens and will return on the twentieth anniversary of his disappearance. As Nightingale grows increasingly invested in her fantasies, her daughter and colleague grapple with an unsettling possibility: What if her husband doesn’t come back?

Performed as part of Silk Road Rising’s New China Festival: Staged Readings of Plays from the Chinese Speaking World