Welcome to Silk Road Archives!

We embarked upon this massive archiving project back in June 2017 and will continue to add content and headers between now and the end of 2020. Over the years, we’ve been diligent about documenting our productions, staged readings, video plays, films, education programs, initiatives, special events, awards, and more.

We take archiving very seriously and are mindful of the historical significance of the work that we do. That said, it’s inevitable that some information went unrecorded, slipped through the cracks, or was lost to history. We expect to retrieve and record new data continually as our collective memories are jogged.  If you happen to recall anything we haven’t included, do let us know.  

And please note that although Silk Road Theatre Project was technically established in May 2002, our inaugural production premiered in January 2003. Hence our decision to date the archives back to the start of public programming.

It is our hope that these archives inform and inspire other arts organizations, and provide a model for individuals and collectives seeking to launch new companies. In addition, we hope that academics, artists, and journalists will use these archives and that they propel new narratives, scholarship, and feature stories.  

Most of all, we hope these archives provide a fun-filled trip down “memory lane” for all the artists, administrators, audience members, board members, supporters, and believers who’ve made—and continue to make—this dream a reality.


Malik Gillani
Founding Executive Director
Silk Road Rising

Jamil Khoury
Founding Artistic Director
Silk Road Rising