First as Silk Road Theatre Project and now as Silk Road Rising, our company has been regaling Chicago audiences with full-length stage plays since 2003. The plays we produce are written by playwrights of Asian and Middle Eastern backgrounds and feature protagonists, or central characters, of Asian and Middle Eastern backgrounds.

In 2006, we were officially named the professional theatre-in-residence at the First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple (77 W Washington St, Chicago, IL), a collaboration the began back in 2003, shortly after our inaugural production. What emerged over time is a unique and dynamic partnership between a religious institution and a secular arts organization. To learn more, watch Sacred Stages: A Church, A Theatre, and A Story.

Please note that most of our productions are performed in our intimate, 85-seat theatre venue in Pierce Hall on the lower level of the Chicago Temple. Performances that occurred at other locations, or in other spaces within the church building, will be indicated as such.

Our production history is as follows (beginning with our most recent production and ending with our first production).