Night Over Erzinga / by R. Sheth

October 29, 2012
By Al Bresloff

Night Over Erzinga is an amazing World Premiere written by the incredible Adriana Sevahn Nichols, a detailed story of one family over a period of three generations. This is a family made up of Armenians and Dominicans that deals with the loss of family and how a grandmother can reach through time and unearth the true love and feelings of people who tend to keep all within themselves. 

The music by Peter J. Storms is sheer perfection to the moods being set in each of the scenes and the costuming (Elsa Hiltner) and lighting (Sarah Hughey) all add to the sheer magic of the production. Even the simple props (Jesse Gaffney) add to the overall flavor of the story. A simple pocket watch, on its own journey will give you a warm feeling about the relationship to this family. That is the magic of live theater.