Brahman/i Highly Recommended! / by R. Sheth

April 7, 2014
By John Boss

The one hour and 45 minute journey tugs at your heart strings and tickles your funny bone. The play educates and illuminates. Kudos to Ms. Mirza for memorizing what is essentially a one actor play. Damian Conrad as J. is the actor in the shadows. His presence is always known. He accompanies Fawzia with electric bass to cover her theatrical beats or stories and allows her to refresh with bottled water to keep her smooth as silk vocal instrument hydrated.

His portrayal of J. is understated brilliance and you know there is a “story there” between him and Braham. I spoke with both of the actor’s understudies and the said they will get to perform the show for at least one performance for the production staff and their families. Kudos to the young talents that have to work behind the scenes to be ready at a moments notice.