Precious Stones / by R. Sheth


January 16–March 2, 2003

The World Premiere
Written by Jamil Khoury
Directed by Michael Malek Najjar

Precious Stones boldly examines the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the "safe" yet turbulent terrain of American Diaspora. Set in Chicago in 1989, the story unfolds against a backdrop of disturbing images, as the first Palestinian Intifadah rages in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Two women, one Jewish and one Palestinian, join forces to organize an Arab-Jewish dialogue group, only to find themselves falling in love. As they each cross "enemy lines," they stumble upon the disputed territories of sexuality and class.  


Leila, Rachel, Esther | Roxane Assaf
Andrea, Samir, Bassima | Nicole Pitman

Production Team

Producer | Malik Gillani
Producer and Playwright | Jamil Khoury
Director | Michael Malek Najjar
Stage Manager | Mary Cotter
Scenic and Projection Designer | Sim Ramirez
Costume Designer | Liva O’Coin
Lighting Designer | Brian Piatek
Sound Designer | William D. Carey
Technical Director | David Lowenthal
Assistant Stage Manager | Misty Funk
Light, Sound, and Projection Technician | Silas Dameron
Box Office and House Manager | Aaron Burns