Precious Stones / by R. Sheth


January 16–March 2, 2003

The World Premiere
Written by Jamil Khoury
Directed by Michael Malek Najjar

Precious Stones boldly examines the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the "safe" yet turbulent terrain of American Diaspora. Set in Chicago in 1989, the story unfolds against a backdrop of disturbing images, as the first Palestinian Intifadah rages in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Two women, one Jewish and one Palestinian, join forces to organize an Arab-Jewish dialogue group, only to find themselves falling in love. As they each cross "enemy lines," they stumble upon the disputed territories of sexuality and class.

Performed at Studio Theatre, Chicago Cultural Center, 77 E Washington St, Chicago, IL


Leila, Rachel, Esther | Roxane Assaf
Andrea, Samir, Bassima | Nicole Pitman

Production Team

Producer | Malik Gillani
Producer and Playwright | Jamil Khoury
Director | Michael Malek Najjar
Stage Manager | Mary Cotter
Scenic and Projection Designer | Sim Ramirez
Costume Designer | Liva O’Coin
Lighting Designer | Brian Piatek
Sound Designer | William D. Carey
Technical Director | David Lowenthal
Assistant Stage Manager | Misty Funk
Light, Sound, and Projection Technician | Silas Dameron
Box Office and House Manager | Aaron Burns