Ching Chong Chinaman / by R. Sheth

July 24–26, 2009

Written by Lauren Yee
Directed by Lavina Jadhwani

Featuring: Danny Bernardo, Gordon Chow, Christine Lin, Nick Shoda, Kimberlee Soo, and Tiffany Villarin

The ultra-assimilated Wong family is as Chinese American as apple pie: teenager Upton dreams of World of Warcraft superstardom; his sister Desi dreams of early admission to Princeton. Unfortunately, Upton's chores and homework get in the way of his 24/7 videogaming, and Desi's math grades don't fit the Asian American stereotype. Then Upton comes up with a novel solution for both problems: he acquires a Chinese indentured servant, who harbors an American dream of his own. 

Performed as part of Chinese Cultural Week in Chicago: From the Great Wall to the Great Lakes

Performed in Storefront Theatre, Gallery 37