Cleveland Raining / by R. Sheth

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April 12–13, 2008

Written by Sung Rno
Directed by Joanie Schultz

Featuring: Danny Bernardo, Gordon Chow, Ed Flynn, Denice Lee, and Tiffany Villarin

The adult children of Korean immigrants, Jimmy and his younger sister Mari live in Ohio but it might as well be the edge of the world. Jimmy has dreams of an apocalyptic flood, so he finds an old VW bug and hires a mechanic, Mick, to create an ark that runs on emotional loss. Mari is a medical student who wants to understand why her father left without a word, and why she likes to burn medical books. She befriends an injured motorcyclist, Storm, who talks tough but has a feel for the weather. As the rain falls, Jimmy and Mari discover the art of their family’s past, even as the water washes over their hidden histories.