Confession / by R. Sheth

November 1, 2010

Presented by Pegasus Players
Written by Leslie Croxford
Directed by Ilesa Duncan

Featuring: Stephanie Diaz, Richard Henzel, and Madrid St. Angelo

Confession is set in Spain towards the end of decades of dictatorship and civil war in the 1930s. On a late winter afternoon, an old American Priest sits waiting to hear confessions in a derelict church. As he begins to fall asleep, the Priest is disturbed by a presence entering the church. Not sure at first if it is real or part of a dream, the Priest eventually recognizes the figure as the Dictator come to say his final confession and receive absolution. The Priest has, however, no intention of granting absolution to a tyrant whom he has always despised. But the Dictator is not used to being thwarted, and an intense power struggle ensues with the characters locked in a deadly embrace.