Dishwasher Dreams / by R. Sheth


February 15–16, 2013

Written by Alaudin Ullah
Directed by Chay Yew

Featuring: Alaudin Ullah

Musical Accompaniment by Avirodh Sharma

Auditioning to play a terrorist in a major Hollywood movie may be stand-up comedian Aladdin’s big break. As he prepares for his audition, he finds himself thinking back on his deceased father, who left Bangladesh for a better life in New York, and his parents’ futile attempts to raise him Muslim in Spanish Harlem. Accompanied by the tabla, Aladdin takes us on a hilarious and moving journey through art, immigration, family, the Yankees and the nature of the American dream.

Presented in collaboration with the Ismaili Community of Chicago, an Artistic and Cultural Diversity Initiative funded by The Chicago Community Trust

Also performed at the Ismaili Center Chicago and in Biograph Theatre, Victory Gardens