Back of the Throat / by R. Sheth

January 30, 2005

Written by Yussef El Guindi
Directed by Anna C. Bahow

Featuring: Jali Beckley, Aaron Christensen, Sean Cooper, Cameron Feagin, Anil Hurkadli, and Madrid St. Angelo

Two government officials pay an Arab American man, Khalid, a seemingly innocuous visit. What begins as a “friendly” inquiry soon devolves into a chilling, full-blown investigation of Khalid’s presumed ties to terrorists. Alternating between the surreal and comic, Back of the Throat examines the way in which facts, evidence and (mis)perceptions are used to distort the truth and how notions of cultural “otherness” impact the relationship between the accusers and the accused.

Presented in partnership with the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois, a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting freedom, liberty, equality and justice for all within the United States

Performed in Dixon Chapel, Chicago Temple