Calling Aphrodite / by R. Sheth

May 6, 2005

Written by Velina Hasu Houston
Directed by Patrizia Acerra

Featuring: Jaii Beckley, Stephanie Gaddy, Soo Jin Park, Frank Platis, Marc Rita, and Elaine Robinson

In Calling Aphrodite, the exquisite and distinctive Keiko Kimura’s life is critically altered when war arrives in Japan. Standing at ground zero in Hiroshima when the atomic bomb falls, she is horribly disfigured. An American philanthropist engages a New York surgeon to take on the case of Keiko and other women scarred in the bombing—“the Hiroshima Maidens” of legend. As Keiko’s crisis crosses borders, her life becomes a quest for enlightenment, restoring her faith in humanity’s integrity and grace.

Performed as part of Woman Warrior Festival 2005

Presented in partnership with Columbia College’s Center for Asian Arts and Media, a multidisciplinary arts center dedicated to supporting, promoting and presenting arts and media programs by and about Asians and Asian Americans

Performed in Ferguson Theatre, Columbia College Chicago