Caravaggio / by R. Sheth


October 7–November 26, 2006

The World Premiere
Written by Richard Vetere
Directed by Dale Heinen

Set in 17th century Rome, Malta, and Naples, Caravaggio is the story of the great Italian painter Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, the father of the Baroque, whose daring art and volatile personality attracted the favor and wrath of the church he both loved and reviled.

Whether undertaking commissions from the Vatican or confronting the cruelties of the Inquisition, Caravaggio's short life was charged with artistry, violence and passion.


Lena | Brenda Barrie
Cardinal Del Monte | Don Blair
Stefano | Julian Martinez
Francesco | Levi Petree
Caravaggio | Mike Simmer
Alof de Wignacourt | Sean Sinitski
Carracci | Ron Wells
Understudy for Cardinal Del Monte, Alof de Wignacourt | Ron Butts
Understudy for Stefano, Carracci | Dominic Green
Understudy for Caravaggio | Julian Martinez
Understudy for Lena, Francesco | Laura Rook

Production Team

Producer | Malik Gillani
Producer | Jamil Khoury
Playwright | Richard Vetere
Director | Dale Heinen
Production Manager | Josh Schultz
Stage Manager | Alexandra Herryman
Scenic and Lighting Designer | Lee Keenan
Costume Designer | Carol J. Blanchard
Video Projections | Joe Jensen
Sound Designer and Original Music | Robert Steel
Props Designer | Daniel Pellant
Fight Director | Nick Sandys
Script Development Dramaturg | Jennifer Shook
Production Dramaturg | Lavina Jadhwani
Art Consultant | Owen Durkan
Additional Casting | Adam Silver
Technical Director | Left Wing Scenic
Assistant Director | John Morrison
Assistant Stage Manager | Drew Durfee
Assistant to Costume Designer | Bekah Carey
Assistant Lighting Designer | Rebecca A. Barnett
Production News Writer and Production Assistant | Anil Hurkadli
Production Intern | Amber Mack
Production Intern | Isaac Sernoffsky
Box Office Manager | Johanna McKee
House Manager | John Morrison