China Doll / by R. Sheth


August 14, 2005

Written by Elizabeth Wong
Directed by Jay Paul Skelton

Featuring: Ambra Anie, Derek Czaplewski, James Foster, Steven Gilpin, Vanessa Greenway, Cheryl Hamada, Doug MacKechnie, Marc Rita, and Lisa Tejero

Dragon Lady. Lotus Blossom. The woman who died a thousand deaths. China Doll is the story of a Chinatown girl who dreams about making it big in Hollywood. An award-winning play, this sensual fantasia takes inspiration from the remarkable life of Anna May Wong, America’s first and brightest Chinese American movie star: her loves, her struggles, her humiliations, and her triumphs. From her humble beginnings to the rigors of training in the studio system of Louis B. Mayer and Samuel Goldwyn, to the heights of success in such classic films as Shanghai Express with Marlene Dietrich, this is a loving and unflinching homage to a woman ahead of her time.

Performed in Dixon Chapel, Chicago Temple