2013 Kathryn V. Lamkey Award / by R. Sheth

Presented by the Actor's Equity Association
Awarded to Jamil Khoury


March 18, 2013

On March 18, 2013, Silk Road Rising's Artistic Director, Jamil Khoury, received the Actors Equity EEO Committee Award.  The award reads, "The Central Region Equal Employment Opportunity Committee of Actor's Equity Association proudly presents the 2013 Kathryn V. Lamkey Award to Jamil Khoury. We salute your energy, courage, and tireless dedication to non-traditional casting and equal opportunity."

The Kathryn V. Lamkey Award, named after the recently retired Central Regional Director and presented annually at the Spirit Celebration, honors those individuals and/or organizations that continue to open doors to all types of opportunities for central region Members of Color.

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