Then They Came For Me Exhibition Tour and Screening / by R. Sheth





Alphawood Foundation Exhibition Hall
2401 N Halsted St
Chicago, IL

The evening was just a guided tour by Megan Moran, Education Coordinator and ended with a viewing of the documentary And Then They Came for Us by Abby Ginzberg and Ken Schneider (which is screened on the hour every day at the gallery).

The tour was followed by a reading of a selection from Red Flamboyant by Don Nguyen. Inspired by the true story of a woman in Vietnam who started an AIDS support group, this play blends real life with folklore to reflect on the role of citizens and how they can counter stubborn government officials.

The evening concluded with a group discussion led by Artistic Director Jamil Khoury on creating art that responds to political and social crises. The gallery exhibit and the play reading will serve as examples of such responses.

Red Flamboyant Cast and Creative Team

Ms. Hue
Rose LeTran

Ms. Sau
Cheryl Hamada

Rammel Chan

Vung / Trung Trac
Melissa Canciller

Nga / Trung Nhi
Shea Lee

Stage Directions
Bryan Bosque

Silk Road Rising Artistic Director
Jamil Khoury

Silk Road Rising Executive Director
Malik Gillani

Helen Young

Stage Manager
Corey Pond