Obstacle Course / by R. Sheth


April 19, 2018

Written by Jamil Khoury
Directed by Michael Menendian

Featuring: Zhanna Albertini, Salar Ardebili, Laura Berner Taylor, Anu Bhatt, Robin Chaplik, Robyn Coffin, Luke Daigle, Catherine Dildilian, Noha El-Ganzouri, Sami Ismat, Jill Karrenbrock, Vic Kuligoski, Gabrielle Lott-Rogers, Steve Merle, Priya Mohanty, Nic Park, Amro Salama, and Joshua Volkers

Set in Naperville, Illinois, Obstacle Course explores reactions to a proposed Islamic Community Center on the site of a beloved landmark. Allyship, municipal politics, and Islamophobia all intersect in this head-on collision between Not in My Backyard fear mongering, well-intentioned liberalism, and the peaceful practice of faith.

Performed as part of RIOTCon 2018

Performed at Chicago Theological Seminary, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL