Mosque Alert / by R. Sheth

March 24–May 15, 2016

The World Premiere
Written by Jamil Khoury
Directed by Edward Torres

Inspired by the “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy in New York City, Mosque Alert tells the story of three fictional families living in Naperville, Illinois, whose lives are interrupted by a proposed Islamic Center on the site of a beloved local landmark. Mosque Alert explores the intersections of zoning and Islamophobia with humor, family drama, and refreshingly blunt honesty.


Emily Baker | Rengin Altay*
Tawfiq Qabbani | Rom Barkhordar*
Aisha Khalil | Amy J. Carle*
Ted Baker
| Mark Ulrich*
Samar Qabbani
| Sahar Dika
Jennifer Baker | Nina Ganet
Aminah Qabbani
| Rula Gardenier
Carl Baker
| Riley McIlveen
Farid Qabbani
| Andrew L. Saenz
Mostafa Khalil
| Frank Sawa
Daniel Baker | Steve Silver
Understudy for Farid Qabbani
| Anand B. Bhatt
Understudy for Aisha Khalil, Aminah Qabbani
| Catherine Dildilian
Understudy for Emily Baker
| Kelly Lynn Hogan
Understudy for Ted Baker, Daniel Baker | Daniel Houle
Understudy for Samar Qabbani
| Arti Ishak
Understudy for Mostafa Khalil, Tawfiq Qabbani | Josh Mattingly
Understudy for Carl Baker
| Brian Sheridan
Understudy for Jennifer Baker
| Abbey Smith

Production Team

Producer | Malik Gillani
Producer and Playwright
 | Jamil Khoury
 | Edward Torres †
Production Manager
| Corey Pond
Stage Manager
| Caitlin Roper*
Scenic Designer
| Dan Stratton
Costume Designer
| Elsa Hiltner
Lighting Designer
| Lindsey Lyddan
Video Designer
| Michael Stanfill §
Sound Designer and Composer
| Thomas Dixon
Props Designer
| Alec Long
| Annaliese McSweeney
Cultural Consultant
| Fouad Teymour
Architect, Al Andalus Center Exterior
| Christopher McCoy
Casting Director
| Becca McCracken, C.S.A.
Technical Director
| Joe Schermoly
Assistant Director
| Aaron Mays
Assistant Stage Manager
| Garth Moritz
Wardrobe Supervisor | Katie Vaughters
Master Electrician
| Kristof Janezic
Box Office Manager
| Al Gillani
House Manager | Nathan Boese
House Manager | Nick Johnson
Press and Archive Photographer
| Airan Wright
Videographer | Deann Baker

* Member of Actor's Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers.

† Member of Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation, which exists to foster, promote and develop the creativity and craft of stage directors and choreographers.

§ Member of United Scenic Artists, the union of professional designers, artists, and craftspeople.