36 Views / by R. Sheth

May 2, 2004

Written by Naomi Iizuka
Directed by Geoffrey Scott

Featuring: Ambra Anie, Robyn Coffin, Mary Ann de la Cruz, James Foster, Bill Hoffman, Vincent Mahler, and Sin Joo Park

In a series of 36 interlocking scenes, Naomi Iizuka’s play explores the relationship between the imaginary and the real. Iizuka’s story unfolds into a progression of visual symbols, objects, and human relationships that reveal the power of perception. Set in the Asian art world, the story focuses on the discovery of a one-of-a-kind Japanese pillow book, a diary of a court lady, that turns the academic field of Asian antiquity upside down. As scholars, art dealers and reporters clamor over the finding, we realize that everything is not as it seems.

Presented as part of Asian-American Heritage Month

Performed in Dixon Chapel, Chicago Temple