The Gempei War: A Cycle of Noh Plays / by R. Sheth

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June 15, 2004

Written by Kyle Gorden
Directed by Julieanne Ehre

Featuring: Jameela Aghili, Ambra Anie, Gordon Chow, Mary Ann de la Cruz, James Foster, Vincent Mahler, Michelle Williams, Soo Jin Park, and Marc Rita

The Gempei War: A Cycle of Noh Plays investigates the messy aftermath of war, as told in three classic Japanese plays. Tomoe tells the story of a female samurai, unable to forgive her master’s final betrayal. In Atsumori, a war-weary samurai is changed forever after being forced to kill a young musician. And in Ataka, a great general is brought to self-degradation by his brother’s paranoia. Long overlooked in the cannon of classic theatre, these ancient but timeless texts are given new life by a vigorous adaptation for the modern stage.

Hosted by the Consulate General of Japan in Chicago

Performed at the Japan Information Center, Consulate-General of Japan in Chicago