Balacarita: The Adventures of Young Krishna / by R. Sheth

August 8, 2006

Written by Bhasa
Adapted and Directed by Christopher Johnson
Choreography by Alka Nayyar
Fight Choreography by Jen Albert

Featuring: Kareem Bandealy, Melissa Canciller, John Nyrere Frazier, Quinto Guyton, Anil Hurkadli, Ray Kurut, Vishal Patel, Jaya Sabramanian, and Christopher Walsh

Balacarita: The Adventures of Young Krishna is a classical Indian play adapted for the American stage by Christopher Johnson. Amidst a host of divine portents, Vasudeva and his wife have given birth to their seventh son, the human embodiment of the divine Krishna. Fearing their divine prodigy will be slain by the evil King Kansa, they hide the enfant with another family where he grows to manhood. Upon reaching maturity, Krishna reveals himself and embarks upon a series of trials to secure his place as master of both men and gods. Aided by the Bird-King Garuda and an arsenal of supernatural weapons, he slays the demon-bull Arista, subdues the great serpent Kaliya and finally confronts the murderous Kansa and his warrior-assassins in a spectacular and action-packed climax. Seeming to draw equal inspiration from the Hindu religious epics and Hellenic heroic drama, Balacarita represents a unique gem in the canon of Sanskrit drama and in the history of world theatre.

Performed as part of Silk Road Chicago: Summer 2006

Performed in Claudia Cassidy Theatre, Chicago Cultural Center