Cowboy vs. Samurai / by R. Sheth

August 27, 2006

Written by Michael Golamco
Directed by Katherine Condit-Ladd

Featuring: Lydia Berger, Jonathan Goodman, Denice Lee, Foo Nguyen, and Dwight Sora

Race has nothing to do with being attracted to someone,” says Travis Park, the protagonist of Cowboy vs. Samurai. But that statement is tested constantly in this savage comedy about love and friendship, a 21st century update of Cyrano De Bergerac, in which the nose is replaced by race. Travis loves Veronica Lee, the only Korean American woman living in the tiny town of Breakneck, Wyoming. Veronica only dates white men; the crucial detail that sets Travis on a journey of composing love letters that test our perceptions of race and romance.

Performed as part of Silk Road Chicago: Summer 2006