Publish or Perish / by R. Sheth

June 4, 2006

Written by Anuvab Pal
Directed by Robert Chambers

Featuring: Cameron Jappe, Nick Johne, Jack McCabe, and Mary Williamson

Publish or Perish is a comedy about the intricacies of blasphemy and the lengths to which people will go to gain literary immortality. Two hopelessly failed writers, Michael Jordan and Mohammed Ali, share none of the glory of their famous namesakes and, now in old age, seem destined to die in obscurity. In a last ditch effort, Mr. Jordan writes a blasphemous book in hopes of attracting a Muslim fatwa (or edict) demanding his death. Sadly, no such fatwa materializes, and the book goes unnoticed in the Islamic world. Ever more determined to attract fame, or at least notoriety, a disgruntled Mr. Jordan convinces Mr. Ali to stage a “deadly act” before a video camera. Mr. Ali’s sole qualification for performing the act? He happens to “look” Middle Eastern.

Performed as part of Silk Road Chicago: Summer 2006