The Details of Silence / by R. Sheth

June 13, 2006

Written by Nathalie Handal
Directed by Rana Kazkaz

Featuring: Jen Albert, Ravi Batista, Jaii Beckley, Leila Buck, Anita Chandwaney, Carol Karaguez, Fawzia Mirza, and Amira Sabbagh

The Details of Silence is a new play by Nathalie Handal. This sensual, political and daring new play explores the internal and external landscapes of Arab women. Set in present-day New York, Details gives voice to eleven Arab women of different ages and religions coming from different parts of the world. Azza interviews each woman for a story she is writing. As she unveils the details of their lives, sexuality, and silences, she also unveils the details of her own personal tragedy.

Performed as part of Silk Road Chicago: Summer 2006

Performed in Claudia Cassidy Theatre, Chicago Cultural Center