Sun Sisters / by R. Sheth

July 21, 2006

Written by S. Vasanti Saxena
Directed by Carol Karaguez

Featuring: Steven Gilpin, Bert Matias, Nancy Oda, Ruibo Qian, Eliza Shin, Jennifer Shin, and Tiffany Villarin

A daughter’s love. A mother’s final blessing. Jessica’s homecoming forces past and present to collide as she learns to understand intolerance and tolerate her mother’s lack of understanding. Sun Sisters is a play about unspoken desires and how even silence cannot prevent their realization.

Performed as part of The Many Voices Project, Chicago’s first playwriting contest and readings festival that embraced all playwrights of color. The project brought together the city’s race- and ethnic-specific theatres to develop and showcase unproduced, full length and ten-minute plays.

Presented in partnership with Chicago Dramatists

Performed at Chicago Dramatists