Double Happiness / by R. Sheth

June 28, 2006

Written by Gitanjali Kapila
Directed by Anita Chandwaney

Featuring: Bryan Bosque, Tony Brown, Charlie Jensen, Kyra Lewandowski, Fawzia Mirza, Alka Nayyar, Jaya Subramanian, and Jeffrey B. Wilkerson

Set against the backdrop of a small, wind-swept, midwestern college, Double Happiness is a loss-of-innocence story about three friends who tread unawares the wide open spaces of the heart. Anisha, recently arrived from India, starts school with her traditional beliefs in love, sex and friendship intact. Savitri, her American-born cousin and roommate, doubts love and prefers the anonymity of the casual encounter. Together they meet Kevin, susceptible to the allure of both women. Friendship turns into longing and longing into heartache. The triangle collapses, throwing all three into free fall with no obvious place to land.

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