Pure Land / by Brent Eickhoff


February 3–4, 2018

Written by Mehdi Moradpour
Translated from German by Neil Blackadder
Directed by Sami Ismat

Featuring: Maryam Abdi, Vic Kuligoski, Kaelan Strouse, and Anne Thompson

German Iranian playwright Mehdi Moradpour’s Pure Land, nominated for the Munich Prize for German Drama, traces the story of Tara, a pregnant Middle Eastern woman seeking political asylum amidst crippling bureaucracy and crumbling relationships. Neil Blackadder’s translation captures the poetry that won Moradpour the prestigious exil-DramatikerInnenpreis, a German theatre award for outstanding playwrights-in-exile.

Pure Land pits a torturous past against an uncertain future with sobering effect.

Presented in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Washington