Wild Boar / by R. Sheth


November 9–December 17, 2017

The U.S. Premiere
Written by Candace Chong
Translated from Chinese by Joanna C. Lee and Ken Smith
Adapted by David Henry Hwang
Directed by Helen Young

A gripping investigation of journalistic integrity, city planning, and social conscience, Wild Boar is a new play from one of Hong Kong’s most acclaimed playwrights. When a controversial professor goes missing, an editor and his student band together to publicize the truth. Old flames spark and friendships are tested in the U.S. premiere of this turbulent thriller about media manipulation, fake news, and who gets to speak for the poor.


Tricia | Christine Bunuan*
Ruan | F. Karmann Bajuyo
Mu Ne, Yam | Fin Coe
Agent, Karrie, Sunny | Emily Marso
Johnny | Scott Shimizu
Understudy for Agent, Karrie, Sunny | Zhanna Albertini
Understudy for Mu Ne, Yam | Harrison Hapin
Understudy for Johnny | Ian Michael Smith
Understudy for Ruan | Dwight Sora
Understudy for Tricia | Marie Treadway

Production Team

Producer | Malik Gillani
 | Jamil Khoury
Associate Producer
| Corey Pond
| Candace Chong
| Ken Smith
| Joanna C. Lee
| David Henry Hwang
 | Helen Young
Production Manager
| Kelly Butler
Stage Manager
| Joshua Baggett*
Scenic Designer
| Yeaji Kim
Costume Designer
| Melissa Ng
Lighting Designer
| Lindsey Lyddan
Projections Designer
| Anthony Churchill
Sound Designer and Original Music
| Thomas Dixon
Props Designer | Katy Vest
Fight Choreographer
| Dwight Sora
Fight Captain | F. Karmann Bajuyo
| Carol Ann Tan
Technical Director
| Jason Pikscher
Assistant Director
| Brent Ervin-Eickhoff
Assistant Stage Manager
| Bailey Howard
Master Electrician
| Neal Javenkoski
Electrician | Andy Koubec
Marketing Coordinator
| Sharon Krome
Box Office Manager
| Al Gillani
House Manager
| Nick Johnson
Program Editor
| Sarah Ibis
Press and Archive Photographer
| Airan Wright
Videographer | Deann Baker

* Member of Actor's Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers.